Frequently Asked Questions

 Trying to solve a problem?

Just have a look at the frequently asked questions. We have sorted them out into a few sections for better clarity.

 Background and data
Is your service secure?

Of course, our websites use HTTPS safety protocol.

Can I use one account for both mobile app and website?

Yes, you can synchronize multiple devices via one account. First, sign up with Flashscore.info to get an account. Once you have one, you can log in on any of your devices (desktop/notebook, smartphone or tablet) to follow your matches or teams wherever you are.

Where do you gather your sports data?

We produce our own data in our data centers operating 24/7. That is why we are able to deliver accurate and fast live scores.

Why do I see result corrections every now and then?

Our goal is to bring you the change of score as fast as possible. However, sometimes the goal scorer is in an offside position by an inch, or the referee may have overlooked a foul etc. In such cases the referee may consult the situation with the video assistant referee and change the previous call, and we have to correct the score.

 5score.com features
How can I search for older matches?

You have two options: either use our search tool to find the team, player etc., or enter the league (tournament, race…) and find whatever you need in the archive.

Why can’t I add more teams to My Teams?

Due to technical reasons, it is only possible to have up to 100 ‘My Teams’.

Can you send me notifications from all matches of my favourite leagues?

Sorry, there is no such feature. If you want to receive our notifications, please add a match or a team of your interest to My Games/My Teams.

I can’t see my favourite competition after the app launches. Why?

There is a list of competitions with at least one match scheduled for the day on the home screen. You can easily find other competitions via the search tool (the magnifying glass icon), in the Standings bottom tab, or by switching to another day in the calendar.

Why are there some competitions or historical data missing?

We work hard on collecting as much information as possible from the growing number of competitions and events. If you miss your favourite league, it’s probably because we are yet to find a trustful source of information for this competition. We will appreciate you help with finding such a source – you can let us know via the contact form. As for the historical data, we complete them continuously however the live results are still our priority.

What does “FRO” mean?

“FRO” is the acronym for “Final Result Only”. We use it whenever we don’t have a trustful source of live information.

How can I place a bet?

You can’t place a bet on our website. To do so, you need to register with one of our advertised sportsbook partners.

Can you send me daily predictions/betting tips?

Sorry, we don’t offer betting tips or predictions on our website. We are dedicated to providing you with extensive match stats, teams form, fixtures, live scores and results.

Why don’t you display odds from all licensed bookmakers?

The odds shown are a subject of a business deal so their appearance depends on current commercial contracts.

I’m interested in a links exchange.

Please contact us via the contact form here.

I have an idea how to improve Flashscore.info. How can I let you know about it?

Please contact us via the contact form here.

I would like to advertise on your website.

Please visit this page for more information.

 App content and features
Why are there no match videos available?

Match videos are only available for Android versions of the Flashscore.info Plus app which can be downloaded directly from our website. If you have installed Flashscore.info via Google Play or the App Store, it won’t include videos due to playback restrictions.

The app is responding slowly/keeps crashing. What now?

We recommend that you check that you have the latest update of our app. You can also try to delete the app data in your system settings, or you can re-install the app.

Where can I rate your app?

In the store (Google Play, App Store). Your feedback is crucial for us so we really appreciate every review.

  App settings
Where can I find more notification options?

In our app settings, you can setup many notifications (line-ups, goalscorers, red cards etc.).

Is it possible to order matches by start time?

Yes, you can do that in the Settings menu. Tap on “Order matches by” and then tap on the “Match start time” option to order the matches by their start time.

Can I change the default sport?

Yes, you can select any of the sports listed in our menu as the default one. The default sport will be displayed after the app launches.

I want to have the My Games/My Teams tab displayed by default after the app launches.

This option is available on Android in the app settings. Note for iOS users: The only way to have the My Games/My Teams tab displayed after the app launches is via the force touch (iPhone 6s+ required).

How do I set a a different time zone in the app?

The app uses the time zone set for your device.

How do I set the app language?

If you have an iOS device, you can change the language in the app settings. This option is unavailable in the Android version of our app.

How do I enlarge the font size?

The app uses the font size set for your mobile device. iOS devices don’t allow to change to font size.

Do you have the dark mode?

Yes, you can switch to the dark mode in the app settings. Note for iOS users: iOS 13 is required for the dark mode.

How do I change the notification sound?

On an Android device, you can set the sound in your device’s settings. This option is unavailable on iOS devices, but that will change in the future 🙂

Can I pay to remove ads from the app?

This option is only available for iOS devices (e.g. unavailable for Android). iOS users can find the “Remove banner-ads” item in the app settings.