American Football


American football isn’t content with being a domestic sensation. Its appeal is spreading like wildfire to countries beyond the United States. This global expansion is mirrored in the growing interest within the 24hscore community. The platform is a melting pot of diverse football enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, all united by their love for American football.

American football betting
American football betting

During this season, our community members share insightful advice for both the amateur NCAA College Football season and the professional NFL regular season. This collective wisdom is a treasure trove for those looking to make informed choices. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of American football betting, 24hscore is your go-to platform for a comprehensive range of expert advice.


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Each American football tip shared on 24hscore includes these essential details:

  • Game’s Time & Date
  • Participating Teams
  • Competition
  • Tipster’s Name And Rating
  • Bookmaker, Current Odds, Odds at Time of Publishing
  • Type of Bet & Market
  • Prediction
  • Comprehensive Preview and Analysis of the Tip

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At 24hscore, we believe in the free flow of information and that everyone should have access to expert advice. This ethos is reflected in our comprehensive offering of tips, betting guides, bookmaker reviews, and educational content like the 24hscore Academy.

All of this is freely available, including our selection of expert American football betting tips. The betting tips that we share are the fruits of diligent efforts from our dedicated community of tipsters.

At 24hscore, we value transparency and accountability. We record and share the performances of each of our tipsters, and we provide evidence of their wins and losses. In contrast to other platforms, where users often pay hefty sums only to receive questionable “expert” tips and potentially suffer heavy financial losses, we stand by our free and trustworthy service.


When selecting a digital platform for wagering, it is advisable to steer clear of those originating from the U.S. Instead, put your faith in widely-recognized and reputable platforms. Four crucial factors should be considered when choosing your platform:

American football tip shared on 24hscore
American football tip shared on 24hscore
  • Persistent Competitive Odds
  • Abundant Betting Options
  • Coverage of All Major Tournaments
  • Comprehensive In-Match Betting Options

An inquisitive punter with a knack for research will distinguish which digital platform goes the extra mile in terms of American football coverage. The perfect platform would be one that not only offers exceptional odds and a variety of betting options, but also provides exhaustive coverage of both the National Football League and college football.

Live betting, a feature that has gained substantial popularity in recent years, allows enthusiasts to place bets in real-time as the game unfolds, magnifying the thrill and intensity of the game.