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Futsal World Championships
Futsal World Championships

We proudly feature all Futsal World Championships, ensuring that you can quickly navigate and tailor your viewing preferences. From prestigious tournaments like the FIFA Futsal World Cup and UEFA Futsal Championship to national leagues, we have you covered. Our coverage includes:

  • Russia Superliga
  • Italy Serie A1
  • Spain Primera Division
  • Taca Da Liga
  • The National Futsal League

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If you’re keen on tracking the schedule of any futsal match, 24hscore has you covered with listings of all matches happening globally. Alongside, we feature real-time updated rankings from all competitions. You just need to select the tournament you’re interested in, and all the pertinent details will be at your fingertips. Stay informed about when the next game will occur and stay in the loop with 24hscore.


A swift and simple method to distinguish among various bookmaker is by contrasting the odds they provide. Higher value odds indicate less earnings for the bookmaker and a more substantial return for the player. In order to facilitate comparison among our varied bookmakers, we randomly selected four futsal games and utilized a Vig calculator to estimate the odds level percentages at our top recommended futsal betting sites.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that while odds are significant, they’re just one aspect of our comprehensive evaluation process. We meticulously review over 50 distinct ranking criteria, covering a range of factors, from customer service quality to the diversity of banking options. At 24hscore, we aim to provide a holistic understanding of each site beyond just the betting odds.


Holding accounts with multiple bookmakers can be quite beneficial, especially if you’re considering betting on various futsal markets. As was mentioned earlier, not all competitions are accessible on every bookmaker platform. A significant advantage of this diversification is the ability to claim multiple welcome bonuses, potentially resulting in a considerable initial bankroll for your futsal betting journey.

process straightforward and efficient
process straightforward and efficient

Another advantage of betting tips on more than one of the top-rated futsal betting sites is the ease of comparison. When different bookmakers offer the same match, it’s simple to discern who provides the best odds. After all, it’s common practice to compare prices at different supermarkets for identical goods. Similarly, it’s logical to explore different bookmaker sites to ensure you’re getting the best value for your online betting. At 24hscore, we make this comparison process straightforward and efficient.