Imagine stepping into a vast library teeming with everything you ever wanted to know about the exhilarating world of table tennis. That’s precisely what 24Hscore offers its visitors, a rich reservoir of information meticulously maintained for table tennis enthusiasts.

The platform serves as a vibrant gathering place, a global hub buzzing with the latest happenings and trends from the table tennis community. Here, one can find a smorgasbord of news updates, providing a panoramic view of the sport’s landscape.


Imagine the thrill of every point scored, every match won, and every celebration, all accessible at your fingertips. That’s the power 24hscore brings to you! Table tennis live scores unfold in real-time, eliminating the need for constant page refreshing.

Navigating to the live games on 24hscore is a breeze. All of today’s table tennis matches are just a click away. Simply select the ‘Live’ button located at the page’s apex, and voila! The platform will immediately showcase only the games that are currently in action.

With 24hscore, you are not merely a spectator, but a part of the pulsating rhythm of live table tennis matches around the globe.

Table tennis live scores
Table tennis live scores


Table tennis is a sport that never sleeps, with matches taking place every day across the globe. Be it grand events like the World Table Tennis Championships, the ITTF World Cup, the TT Star Series, the Olympics, the Challenger Series, or even localized regional or qualifying tournaments, 24hscore has you covered.

The platform offers an exhaustive range of information to help you make informed decisions, from the latest table tennis odds to real-time updates, even for ongoing matches. It’s like having your personal assistant to navigate the exciting world of table tennis betting.

24hscore’s extensive table tennis calendar is a testament to its comprehensive coverage. It’s a chronicle of the sport, presenting data for virtually every game that has ever taken place, is happening now, or is scheduled in the future.


24hscore is committed to delivering unrivaled table tennis results, a service that truly stands out. Regardless of the location or significance of the match, you can count on us to provide the outcomes promptly as soon as the final point is scored. Our commitment to real-time data ensures you need not refresh the page for updates.

Want to revisit past results? It’s as simple as clicking our calendar icon and selecting your desired date. The past is always at your fingertips with 24hscore.

fingertips with 24hscore
fingertips with 24hscore

Our competition pages, like The Women’s Win Cup, allow you to journey back in time. Choose a year, select a round, and immerse yourself in the play-by-play of each match. With 24hscore, not only do you follow the current pace of table tennis but also delve into its captivating past.


In the realm of online betting tips, the quality of odds offered is crucial. The most enticing table tennis betting odds can draw players to a site and make it stand out in a highly competitive market. Without competitive odds, a betting site may fail to provide incentive for players to engage.

At 24hscore, we have devoted our expertise to compute these odds, saving you the time and effort. The calculation of betting odds is a detailed, painstaking process that we’ve thoroughly elaborated on our homepage.

A simple guiding principle is to aim for higher percentages. A higher percentage indicates a greater return on your initial investment should you win. With 24hscore, you have the best odds at your disposal, ensuring that your betting experience is both rewarding and exciting.


While there is no guaranteed recipe for success, a combination of strategic elements can tilt the odds in your favor.

  • Detailed Player Analysis: Begin by examining the player’s statistics, rankings, and recent form. An informed decision is always better than a blind guess. For instance, Ma Long’s dominance in table tennis might make it difficult to wager against him. However, unexpected surprises do occur, as evidenced by Mattias Falck, who, as the 11th ranked player, was the runner-up in the 2019 World Championships.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Review previous encounters between the players. This can provide valuable insights into their performance against each other.
  • Player Motivation: Assess the player’s motivation level for the tournament. A motivated player is more likely to perform at their best.
  • Value Bets and Price Boosts: Keep an eye out for value bets and price boosts. These can provide greater returns on your wager.
  • In-Play Betting: Utilize the in-play betting feature. It allows you to place bets as the action unfolds, offering unique opportunities.
  • Accumulator Bets: Consider accumulator bets (ACCAs) for higher profits. These bets combine multiple selections into one wager, increasing the potential payout.

One valuable tip is to review the duration of previous matches. Does the player often push the match to its maximum length? If so, the over/under bet could be advantageous. Small pieces of information like this can go a long way in optimizing your betting strategy. With 24hscore bookmaker, you have the tools to leverage your knowledge and make the most of your table tennis betting experience.