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24hscore – The most striking feature of Virtual Sports lies in its uninterrupted availability. Day or night, rain or shine, virtual sports betting sites are always open, providing consistent entertainment for enthusiasts at any time. This round-the-clock accessibility ensures that the spirit of the game is never dimmed by the constraints of time or physical presence.

List of Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites 2024

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The landscape of betting has undergone a remarkable transformation, embracing the digital age with the introduction of virtual sports gambling.

This innovative platform represents the pinnacle of the gambling industry’s evolution, merging the excitement of betting with the advancements of contemporary technology.

Virtual sports mark a significant milestone in the history of wagering, reflecting how the domain has adapted and flourished amidst the digital revolution.

Virtual Sports Betting sites

Esports has solidified its presence in the gaming world for an extended period, cultivating a rich and fiercely competitive environment.
The monetization of esports through betting has significantly increased the flow of sponsorships—a clear benefit enhancing the sport’s financial foundation.

History of Virtual Sports Betting latest

The transition towards the modern sports betting industry began to take shape with pivotal gambling regulations enacted in the 1960s. This period marked the emergence of high street bookmakers, transforming the way individuals engaged with sports betting. Enthusiasts would frequent these newly established betting shops and kiosks, eager to stake their predictions on the outcomes of various sports.

Concurrently, the 1970s heralded the advent of computers, initially introduced for utilitarian tasks. However, it wasn’t long before these machines began to dabble in the realm of entertainment. This period witnessed the release of the earliest computer games, capturing the global audience with their novel appeal.

History of Virtual Sports Betting latest
  1. The initial foray into automated sports betting machines was a hybrid of analog ingenuity and emerging digital technology.

  2. In a significant historical milestone, the year 1961 witnessed the debut of the first sports-themed virtual game, centered around the beloved American pastime of baseball.

  3. This breakthrough laid the groundwork for what would become a vast and varied landscape of virtual sports betting, signaling the beginning of an era where technology and sports would become increasingly intertwined.

As the mid-1980s approached, the home computer industry experienced a meteoric rise, with a burgeoning array of games flooding the market. Among these were titles that simulated sporting contests, allowing players to experience the thrill of the game from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Sports
🏛️ First introduced1972
🏢 Overseeing Organizations

WESA, British Esports Association

📶 Bookmaker CoverageLow
⭐ PopularWorldwide
🌎 World ChampionshipYes
🏅 OlympicNo


  1. Choose a betting lines

    Confirm that the offerings are specific to virtual sports, distinctly separate from the eSports markets, which represent a different virtual gaming experience.

  2. Locate the Sign-Up Button

    The credibility of the platform is paramount in safeguarding the integrity of your betting experience.

  3. Start Betting

    These insights can provide valuable perspectives on the competitiveness of the odds and the breadth of the markets offered. Player testimonials can often shed light on the nuances of a betting site that may not be immediately apparent.

Top Virtual Sports Betting Sites for Mobile

Top Virtual Sports Betting Sites for Mobile

Below are some of the top bookmakers that excel in providing mobile betting services for virtual sports:

BookmakerCredibilityOddsLive virtual sportsWelcome Bonus


  • Mobile Accessibility: 1XBET offers a comprehensive mobile app that supports betting across a wide range of virtual sports.
  • Security: Implements strong encryption to ensure secure transactions.
  • Usability: Known for its user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and betting.


  • Mobile Accessibility: BET365’s mobile app is highly rated and provides access to an extensive array of virtual sports betting markets.
  • Live Streaming: Offers the option to watch live simulations of virtual sports games.
  • In-Play Betting: Supports live betting, a feature that’s highly sought-after in virtual sports betting.


  • Mobile Accessibility: The 22BET mobile app is optimized for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a broad reach.
  • Variety of Markets: Known for offering a diverse range of betting options on virtual sports.
  • Customer Support: Provides reliable customer service, which is crucial for mobile bettors who may need assistance on-the-go.

Tips & Strategies for Betting on Virtual Sports

Tips & Strategies for Betting on Virtual Sports

While virtual sports betting relies heavily on RNG (Random Number Generation), making it inherently unpredictable, there are still strategies and tips that can help bettors make more informed decisions. Here are some guidelines to enhance your virtual sports betting endeavors:

1. Choose the Right Betting Site

  • Quality of Operator: Opt for a well-regarded betting site that offers enticing bonuses and promotions. These incentives can give you additional opportunities to bet without immediately tapping into your funds.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Use the offered bonuses wisely to extend your betting sessions and increase your chances of winning.

2. Opt for Sites with Smooth Operations

  • Fast Payouts: Look for sites with a reputation for quick payouts, which is a sign of good financial health and customer service.
  • High-Quality Interface: A premium website will not only have an attractive aesthetic but also user-friendly navigation and superior graphics.

3. Avoid Pattern Seeking

  • Randomness of Outcomes: Accept that virtual sports outcomes are determined by algorithms and are random. Unlike real-life sports, there’s no empirical data or performance history to analyze.
  • No Betting Systems: Since the results are randomly generated, traditional betting systems based on historical data won’t be effective.

4. Practice Responsible Gambling

  • Set a Budget: Decide on a betting budget before you start and adhere to it strictly. If you exhaust your set funds, take it as a sign to stop.
  • Gambling as Entertainment: Always remember that betting should be for fun, not a means to consistently make money.

5. Explore Various Betting Markets

  • Broaden Your Horizons: Don’t just stick to betting on the winners. Virtual sports betting sites offer a multitude of betting options.
  • Alternative Bets: Consider alternative bets like correct scores, over/under goals, handicap bets, and more. These can sometimes offer better value or odds than standard win/lose bets.

By applying these tips, you can create a more structured approach to virtual sports betting sites, potentially enhancing the enjoyment and effectiveness of your gambling experience.

Payment Methods at Top Virtual Sports Sportsbooks

The convenience of payment options at sportsbooks is a crucial factor for bettors engaging in virtual sports betting. Players expect a range of deposit and withdrawal methods that are secure, fast, and reliable.

Payment Methods at Top Virtual Sports Sportsbooks

Here’s a breakdown of recommended payment methods and their conditions at some leading virtual sports bookmakers:

BookmakerPayment MethodMin DepositMax DepositTransaction Time
Bank Transfer£100£100,0002 – 10 days
Bank TransferN/AN/AInstant
Bank TransferN/AN/AN/A

Additionally, the maximum deposit limit for some methods at 1XBET and 22BET is not specified, so it’s advised to consult the bookmaker’s website or customer service for complete details.

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