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Best WWE Betting Sites

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stands as a colossus, captivating audiences with its blend of athleticism, drama, and storytelling. The allure of wagering on agreste sports bet WWE events lies in the unique blend of knowledge and intuition required to predict the victors and storylines crafted by the organization. 

List of Best WWE Betting Sites 2024

Initial Wager Reset up to $250
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
Wager $5, Win $150 or $1,000 First Bet Safety Net
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Initial wager up to $1,000 at Caesars.
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
Match Your Bets up to $1000 in the Initial 5 Weeks
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
$105 refund on Fred if your initial bet fails
T&Cs Apply
New customers only
Second Opportunity Bet of up to $500
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Receive Cash Back up to $300
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Opportunity for a Second Bet up to $500
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Wager $5, Get $150 + Daily Effortless SGP
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Wager $5, Win $150
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In this comprehensive review, 24hscore delve into the essential knowledge required to place bets on the electrifying matches of wrestling online.

24hscore understand that stepping into the WWE Betting Sites ring can be as daunting as facing a WWE superstar in the squared circle.

Best WWE Betting Sites

Our expert team has meticulously examined the multifaceted world of online WWE betting, and we’re poised to share our findings with you.
Our exploration spans the full spectrum of WWE wagering, from identifying premier WWE betting sites to pinpointing the most user-friendly WWE mobile applications. We’ve also scouted the latest entrants to the online WWE betting scene, analyzed effective betting strategies, and compiled everything you need to know to embark on your betting journey.

History of WWE Betting latest

The institution that wrestling fans worldwide revere as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a storied past, tracing its roots back to 1952. The brainchild of Jess McMahon, it initially bore the title Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC).

WWE has ascended to the pinnacle of professional wrestling promotions, boasting a global reach and a fan base that spans continents. In its infancy, the spotlight shone exclusively on male wrestlers, who were the sole performers gracing the ring.

Best WWE Betting Sites
  1. WWE operates continuously, delivering 52 weeks of drama, athleticism, and storytelling.

  2. In the early chapters of women's participation in WWE, the female wrestlers were referred to by the term 'Diva.' This designation was both a nod to their star quality and a reflection of the era's perspective on women in the ring.

  3. Bruno Sammartino holds a place of honor with a record that speaks to his dominance in the ring.

Despite the scripted nature of WWE, where outcomes are known to a select few within the organization, this insider knowledge doesn’t diminish the excitement for bettors. In fact, it adds a layer of intrigue to the betting process.

🏛️ First introduced1952
🏢 Overseeing Organizations

American professional wrestling promotion

📶 Bookmaker CoverageMedium
⭐ PopularUSA, United Kingdom, Mexico
🌎 World ChampionshipWWE World Championship
🏅 OlympicYes


  1. Selecting a Bookmaker and Registering

    Begin by selecting a reputable online betting site that offers WWE markets. You can rely on our curated list of top WWE betting sites for a secure and enjoyable experience.

  2. Betting on Familiar Leagues

    To engage in real money betting, you'll need to deposit funds into your account. Choose a payment method that is convenient and secure for you. Modern online betting sites offer a variety of options, from credit/debit cards to e-wallets and bank transfers. Transactions are typically swift, with most deposits processed within minutes.

  3. Start Betting

    With your account set up and funded, navigate to the 'Sports' section of the betting site to find pre-match betting options, or go to the 'In-play' section for live betting on ongoing matches.

Top WWE Betting Sites for Mobile

Top WWE Betting Sites for Mobile

It seems there might have been a slight mix-up in the numbering or naming of the apps in your list. Let’s clarify and structure the top 3 WWE mobile betting apps based on the information provided:

BookmakerCredibilityOddsLive virtual sportsWelcome Bonus

#1 WWE Betting App – 1xbet

1xbet stands out with its comprehensive mobile app that caters to both Android and iOS users. The app is renowned for its ease of use and includes a variety of features such as:

  • Extensive live and pre-match betting options
  • A live match tracker to follow the action as it unfolds
  • Rapid processing of deposits and withdrawals

The 1xbet app ensures that bettors have access to a full range of betting services on the go, making it a top choice for WWE fans.

#2 WWE Betting App – Bet365

Bet365 is a well-established name in the world of online betting, and its mobile app is a testament to its commitment to quality. Although there seems to be a mention of SportingBet, it’s unclear if this is a separate app or a mistake. Assuming Bet365 is the intended #2 app, it typically offers:

  • A user-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Live streaming services for various sports, potentially including WWE events
  • Real-time notifications and updates on WWE matches and betting opportunities
  • A wide array of betting markets

Bet365’s app is designed to provide a seamless betting experience, whether you’re placing pre-match bets or enjoying the thrill of in-play wagering.

#3 WWE Betting App – BetWinner

BetWinner rounds out the top three with its high-quality mobile app. This app is praised for its:

  • Intuitive design that supports multiple languages
  • Effective notification system to keep bettors informed
  • Comprehensive betting options for WWE and other sports

Tips & Strategies for Betting on WWE

Tips & Strategies for Betting on WWE

WWE betting is indeed unique due to the scripted nature of the events, which means outcomes are predetermined, and storylines play a significant role in the progression of matches and feuds. Here are some tips and strategies to consider when betting on WWE:

Understand the Nature of WWE

Recognize that WWE is sports entertainment, and the outcomes are determined by the creative decisions of the writers and producers. This means that betting on WWE is more about predicting the direction of the storyline rather than the athletic competition.

Follow Storylines and Character Development

Keep up to date with WWE programming, including weekly shows like “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night SmackDown,” as well as monthly pay-per-view events. The direction of storylines can often give insights into potential match outcomes.

Monitor Wrestler Momentum

WWE tends to build up certain wrestlers (referred to as giving them a “push”) when they want to elevate their status in the eyes of the fans. A wrestler receiving a push is more likely to win matches. Conversely, if a wrestler is losing frequently or not appearing on television, they may be less likely to win upcoming matches.

Pay Attention to Betting Odds

While WWE outcomes are predetermined, betting odds can still provide valuable information. Odds might shift based on insider knowledge or rumors, so keep an eye on any significant changes as the event approaches.

WWE Live Betting Overview

WWE live betting, also known as in-play betting, offers a dynamic and engaging way to bet on wrestling matches as they happen.

WWE Live Betting Overview

Live betting allows you to place bets on WWE events in real-time, as the action unfolds. Unlike traditional betting where all bets are placed before the event starts, live betting odds change throughout the match, reflecting what is happening in the ring.

WWE live betting can significantly enhance the excitement of watching WWE events. By understanding the unique aspects of WWE Betting Sites and applying a strategic approach to live betting, you can increase your enjoyment and potentially be more successful with your bets.

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